Why Running a Marathon Should Be on Your Bucket List

There are different kinds of marathons, ranging from races that are low key within a region to the ones that attract a lot of spectators and participants from across the world. Whichever one you choose to participate in, running a marathon brings with it a level of fulfilment that is unique. That is why everyone should put running a marathon on their bucket list.

Why You Should Run a Marathon

  • To support a good cause: Most marathons are always held to support a good cause. It can be to support a charitable organisation that is raising money or to imprint your position on a particular subject. Some of the causes that have been endorsed by running marathons include stopping domestic violence, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, creating awareness about cancer, among others.
  • To keep fit: The sedentary lives that modernity brings can cause lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and strokes. Running a marathon, whether a half marathon or a long one, is a fun way to keep fit. Even the process of preparing for a marathon involves many exercises that can help in staying healthy. For people who make marathons a regular thing, keeping fit becomes part of the benefits that come with it.
  • To meet friends: It can be challenging to meet friends in today’s world where everyone is busy and social interactions have been greatly reduced by over-reliance on social media. Undoubtedly running a marathon is a good way to find people with a shared interest and finding something to talk about. The friends can even act as encouragement when the exercises get overwhelming, and the feeling to give up starts creeping in.
  • It builds self resolve: Sometimes, all one needs to strengthen resolve in life is by challenging themselves to do something that they would not ordinarily do. For people who want to go out of their comfort and push themselves beyond the limit, running a marathon helps.
  • It relieves stress: Knowing that there is something to wake up to is reason enough to keep living. Some people spend their lives feeling empty and trying to find the meaning of what is going on around them. Having a purpose such as running a marathon is reason enough for some people to wake up and look forward to life.
  • It provides an opportunity to try new things: For people who feel life is becoming too monotonous, running a marathon can be the break that they need to bring a new thrill in life. No doubt that trying new things is the essence of staying youthful and happy.

Getting Inspiration to Run a Marathon

As much as there are many benefits of running a marathon, sometimes getting the motivation to go for the full run can be challenging. There are many cases of people who registered for a marathon and were convinced that they will go through with it, only to give up along the way. For people who want to run, some of the tips that can help them get the inspiration that they need include:

  • Start small: This is especially important for people who have never been on a marathon before. A half a marathon would be more appropriate as it has less strain on the body. It would also be useful if they start by going for small runs around their homes a few days before the marathon so that they do not shock their bodies.
  • Start early: It helps to start practising and preparing early for the marathon. The little exercises that prepare the body for the strenuous activity that is coming are very important in shielding the body from getting out of form when the day finally arrives.
  • Involve friends: Sometimes, all one needs to get inspiration is to involve a group of people in the marathon so that they can prepare and participate together. For people who do not have friends who have shown an interest, social media is a good place to start from since there are always groups of people who want to pair up with other people and run a marathon.
  • Find a purpose: For one to run a marathon, they need to establish a goal and purpose. If they want to get inspired and not let go of their goal, they should ask themselves why they are running the marathon and what they plan to achieve after they have finished the race. Whenever they start feeling down or get a nudging fear to give up, they should go back to their purpose and use it to get encouragement.