Finding Classes and Partners for Marathon Preparation

For people who find it hard being motivated to run the entire mileage that is needed for marathons or half marathons, the solution is in finding training companions or groups. When more people are encouraging you to keep moving and reminding you that you need to train, then you are more likely to keep up with your plans to run a marathon.

Signing up for Marathon Classes

Typically, marathon training classes are held once or twice a week, and they are facilitated by runners who are experienced in the field. Their experience is always on specific types of marathons and the geographical location that the participants plan to run the marathon. The meetings are always planned from 4-6 months before the day of the marathon.

What happens in marathon classes?:

  • Bonding among members, and sometimes, this is done by pairing up partners.
  • Assessment of the individual’s fitness level and how much training they will need.
  • Noting marathon goals and working towards achieving those goals.
  • Sessions by experts on different aspects of health including nutrition and mental health.

Benefits of marathon classes

  • Holds one accountable to the marathon, since most of them always need a full commitment, and they have sessions where they reinforce the idea of sticking to your goal.
  • Saves money: This is for marathons that need a registration fee for participation. Groups are always given a discount, so you end up paying less.
  • You can form a friendship that goes beyond training for the marathon. In this day and age, it is becoming difficult to find a friend with shared interests, thanks to all the engagements that seem to happen on social media. To get someone to talk face to face with is an added advantage.
  • Helps in keeping fit for the marathon by having several exercise sessions that are tailored for individual needs. These exercises act as preparation for the big marathon event.

How to Find a Running Companion for Marathons

  • Go to marathon classes where you will find a group of people who are interested in partnering with other people.
  • Use the many social media platforms that are available. A specific search where you input your geographical position would be of great help.
  • Ask for recommendations: Sometimes, you have to reach out to people who have run the marathon before, or even shop owners who sell items that help in preparing for marathons to allow you to put a poster seeking for a partner.
  • Joining running clubs since they cater exclusively for people who are interested in running.

What to Consider When Teaming up with a Marathon Partner

  • Compatibility: Make sure that you have a discussion on what your goals are, your likes, dislikes, personalities and other details so that you know if you can work together.
  • Schedules: Being with a marathon training partner can only work if you have a similar schedule.
  • Expectations: There are some partners who expect that if there is prize money and either of you wins, then you should share it equally. Have a discussion around the expectations to avoid disappointments.
  • Experience: It may not make so much sense if there is a big gap in your experience unless you are specifically looking for someone who is more experienced than you are. Otherwise, you may end up not learning much from each other.